Bidi Factory Case [ Writ Petition No. 1234/2004 ]

Country Bangladesh
Category Right to Work
Date of Judgment _
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  • Description

    This case was filed to ensure a safe work place for the workers, including 20,000 juvenile workers, in the bidi (local tobacco product) manufacturing factories according to the provisions of the Factory Act, 1965. Due to hazardous working environment many workers including children have become easy prey of various chronic diseases like asthma, TB, jaundice, bronchitis etc.


  • Judgment

    The Court issued a rule nisi on April 03, 2004 calling upon the government and the factory owners as to why their continuous failure to ensure healthy, hygienic and safe work place should not be declared illegal and also as to why they should not be directed to perform their legal duties to ensure compliance with the provisions of law by taking appropriate steps and to provide medical treatment expenses to the workers including children who are suffering from diseases due to their work in the bidi factories. Court also passed an ad interim order directing the factory owners and the government to ensure healthy work place according to the Factory Act, 1965.

    Current Status:

    The case is now pending for final hearing. Since filing of the case the workers have become much more conscious than before. The workers have been organised to assert their right to safe, healthy work place and in some areas factory owners have taken steps to implement the Court’s order.