Lunatic Prisoners’ Case [ Writ Petition No- 4269/2005 ]

Country Bangladesh
Category Right to Health
Date of Judgment _
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  • Description

    This case was filed challenging the unlawful detention of an unspecified number of mentally disordered persons in various jails of Bangladesh without any allegation. The relevant law imposed obligation upon the government that the mentally disordered persons should be referred to an asylum for medical treatment. But the government failing in their duties continues to keep mentally handicapped persons in jails thereby depriving them of medical care which results in the deterioration of their mental health.


  • Judgment

    The Court issued a rule nisi calling upon the government on June 25, 2005 as to why the detention of the mentally disordered persons detained in jails should not be declared illegal and also as to why they should not be transferred to asylum for their proper medical treatment. Court directed the Inspector General of Prison to submit a report before the Court about the mentally disordered persons detained in different jails.Current Status: The report has been submitted before the Court. The case is awaiting judgement.